10 ways to Engage your Customers on Social Media

10 Ways to Engage your Customers through Social Media

Millions have organically grown their businesses through one method — Social Media. Why is Social Media so important?

  • Retaining your current customers
  • Gaining new customers
  • Staying competitive in your industry

Photofy has helped millions of people create and share high-quality content on social media. See a few insights below of what to post and how to engage with your customers:


1. Industry Knowledge: Gain trust and loyalty by offering free advice, tips, plans, and information that will educate customers.






2. Use Humor: Because everyone loves to laugh, and it just so happens laughter will get you that second look, share or repost (aka free marketing).




3. Show-off your Customers: Re-share, mention, thank and highlight your customers! Your brand becomes relatable, and customers LOVE the extra attention.






4. Testimonials and Reviews: People trust other people, and that five stars will get your brand to the top of the search bar. Share top reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, Apple Store, Android Store, Etc.






5. Product & Service Enhancements: Show off new products to your fans first! Your customers will remember why they are invested in your brand and be excited to try the new goods.





6. Team Updates: Continue to tell the story of the people behind the brand. Who is new on your team, what are you working on, what is your favorite product/service?



7. Be Visually Engaging: Make your posts visually stunning, it will catch the eye of those scrolling, swiping or tapping away. See the amazing statistics to the right, highlighting the power of the visual web:







8. Current & Trending Events: Use what’s going on the world around us to relate to your users and to become a reliable resource! It can be any topic from the World Environment Day to the new trendy Starbucks Frappuccino.





9. Questions & Polls: The opinions of your current and prospective customers are GOLD. Customers will feel empowered and you will walk away with feedback and ideas. Win-Win.





10. Creatively Engage through Promotions: Empower your customers to respond to your post through a promotion to skyrocket engagement. This allows for your customers to feel involved, respond and give more traction to the content you post.




We hope these valuable insights help your brand to engage and connect with your customers! Don’t forget, we always love hearing from our users. Please email support@photofy.com or tag us on social media to connect with the Photofy Team!