Tips for Taking Photos in the Winter Time


Winter time is here and that means pictures of snow and good times in the cold. We’re here this week to give you some tips on how to take photos in the winter with your cell phone.

  1. Show how cold it is- good photos always give the viewer the feeling experience you went through.
  2. Capture long shadows- in the winter, the sun usually stays low throughout the day giving the opportunity to show the long shadows and give a dynamic look to your photos.
  3. Give scale to mountain photos- sometimes we underestimate the size of mountains in photos so be sure to include an object or person to create that perspective.
  4. Use reflective surfaces-some surfaces like ice, reflect most of the light that reaches its surface to get a great photo. Try using frozen rivers or places covered in snow to get a good shot.
  5. Get closer to the ground- getting closer to the ground shows a different perspective and show the texture if there is ice or snow.
  6. Go black and white- since most days in winter are gray and cloudy, try changing your photos to black and white to make the scenery of winter stand out.

We hope these tips help you in taking photos during this winter season. Tag your photos with #photofy so we can see what images you capture!

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