A Year in Review: 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, you’ll find a wide variety of people discussing the biggest fads and popular trends on a variety of platforms over the course of this year. As we mentioned in our previous post, even Pinterest hopped on board and posted their 100 most popular pins of the year! Everywhere we turn, we find more and more roundups that include all the things that were hot in 2014.

The World Cup and the Sochi Olympics dominated worldwide as the the highest searched terms for the year, while Jared Leto peaked for celebrity searches. Mobile technology, including phones, consumer drones, and wearable tech like the iWatch also dominated in headlines for the year. It shouldn’t be surprising that different “tips and tricks for taking a selfie” were widely debated, as was where exactly people could buy a hat like Pharrell’s now famous hat. And how about that Flappy Bird, huh?

However one trend that we were thrilled to see on the rise this year, and one we’re hoping will continue it’s upward march, is that of design! The popularity of design is on the rise in all of its forms: from interior decorating to architecture, and from photography to painting; seeing the variety is truly amazing! We take pride in being an accessible platform for people who wish to harness their inner creativity, so we were more than thrilled to see this spike in desire for new and unique forms of design!

Our users have found so many new and exciting ways to enhance their creations, from our filters and collage choices, to our typography and overlay options! As we continue to add to our already wide variety of available choices, we hope to see more and more amazing results! So to end the year, we’ve decided to highlight a few our favorite user creations!

Thanks for creating, and Happy New Year!
– The Photofy Team

   photo by @jessycababy_ on instagram
dream big
photo by @hopewecreave on instagram
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photo by @alee808 on instagram