Top 100 Trends for 2014

A few weeks ago, Pinterest released their 100 top trending pins for 2014. From gardening and travel, to recipes and various tips & tricks, it had everything you’ve come to expect (and love) about Pinterest. Something we were so excited to see, however, were all the typography and design pins that were featured!

Stay Humble, Hustle Hard  Hand lettering & typography inspiration from
Stay Humble, Hustle Hard
Hand lettering & typography inspiration from
Brush lettering collection by Neil Secretario
Brush lettering collection by Neil Secretario

Typography and unique hand-lettering is a trend that has been gaining speed lately, and we don’t see it slowing down! With more and more people taking unique and beautiful photos with their mobile devices, it’s become even more important for people to make their work stand out. Adding text to a picture has become one of the most popular ways for people to take their photos to the next level. From quotes to lyrics to proverbs, these typography photos are everywhere now – and we think that is absolutely amazing!

Here at Photofy, we’ve made adding text to your photos easier than ever, with over 80 unique font choices and many featured partners that provide a wide variety of typography options available for our users! With the typography trend on the rise, we plan to continue adding even more fonts and partners so that our users continue to have new and unique content available at their fingertips.

What was YOUR favorite part of the Pinterest 100? Did you notice a trend in 2014 that was left off the list? And what do you think about the rise of the typography and design trend? We’d love to know your thoughts!

Happy Creating!
– The Photofy Team