Quotes Tutorial and FAQ

Hi Everyone!

After asking our lovely Photofy users what content you would like to see from us, there was a majority of responses that were requesting more quotes, and different themes surrounding quotations.

Within the Photofy app we have over 5,000 quotes, these however are not all located in the same place, so we thought we should let you know the different places that they are located so you could get the best use out of your Photofy app!

Once you have selected your chosen photo and are ready to add a quotation onto your design, select the design tab. One of the tools which many people forget that will help define your content is the search bar at the top of your screen. If you are looking for a specific word or topic you can enter it here.

The ‘Popular Categories’ tab on the left hand side bar is going to be the most used designs of the moment, for instance ‘Fall’ is a current popular trend therefore is a ‘hot’ category. You can browse these at any moment if you are looking for some inspiration!


If you continue to browse the side bar, you will see that a lot of our content continues to be specifically categorized. The example below shows the list of popular sayings, for instance if you are creating a good luck picture for a loved one, you would browse the ‘Expressions & Sayings’ tab and then browse through ‘Good Luck’ tab.


Inspirational and Religious quotes also seemed to be a popular requested topic, and guess what, we have a whole section dedicated to them! Continue scrolling down the left side bar until you come to the below tab.


For quotes that cannot fall into a category, we also have a miscellaneous tab called ‘Misc Sayings’ within the ‘Popular Categories’ tab.


There are many more categories within the app that you can browse through to help you find just what you are looking for. There is a lot of content on the Photofy app, and we understand that it is a lot to look through!

However we at Photofy are dedicated to bringing you the widest range of content and designs possible so that you can share your favorite moments.

We look forward to growing with you!

Your Photofy Team.