We want to hear from you!

Here at Photofy Inc we extremely value our users.

So far we have built an incredible range of followers from all over the world, who love to share and create content that is personal to them by using the Photofy app!

Whilst we continue developing our app and creating exciting new content for your use, we would also like to hear from our loyal followers what YOU would like to see.

Photofy is extremely active on all social media, we post daily, and love the interaction and open communication we have with our users. However whilst we grow, we would like to grow with you, and would like to hear what you as a user base would like to see us post?

Is it designed pictures? Inspirational quotes to help you through that dreary Monday? Events that we attend? A day in the life of the Photofy office? Whatever it may be, we want to hear it!

So comment us, tweet us, e-mail us, which ever platform you prefer! We welcome all comments, and we look forward to growing Photofy with you.