First Days of College

Well you finally made it! No more admissions essays to write, no more application fees, campus tours or SAT’s! You’ve made it to your first day of college, the day you and your parents have been saving money for and dreaming about since before your birth, is finally here.

Despite a lifetime of mental preparation, you will soon discover that there are some things you could not have anticipated or been prepared for. That’s what we’re here for. Take it from our college intern, and consider the following:

1. You will get lost! Regardless of how big or small your school is, you will get lost; it’s inevitable. Whether you walk into the wrong classroom, or take a wrong turn that makes you 20 minutes late for class, remember that you’re not the only one making these rookie mistakes! Don’t be afraid to ask an upperclassman for directions, they figured out how to navigate through their first weeks of college, and you will too! Luckily there will be plenty of other first-year and transfer students clutching campus maps, so you can join forces to make your first days as smooth as possible.


2. The cafeteria will be crowded! Everyone knows not to come between a college student and their food. Between classes, studying, part-time jobs, late nights, intra-murals, and extra-curricular activities, fueling your body is essential. The only problem is that there will be more competition for food than you’re used to. If you want to find a table easily in the cafeteria I would suggest going to meals at somewhat “off” times. I advise going to lunch at 11am or 1pm, and dinner at 4pm or close to 7pm. These time slots will allow you to avoid rush hour in the cafeteria and make meal times more enjoyable.

IMG_1948 (1)IMG_1949

3.You will probably end up adjusting your class schedule! One of the aspects of college that you might be the most excited for is finally being able to choose classes that cater to your interests. Even if you think you have registered for the most amazing classes in the world, sometimes after a few days or weeks your prior expectations for the class may not match reality. Some classes will prove to be too difficult, too easy, too time consuming, or too boring. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to take control of the situation by dropping the class or switching into a different course instead. Every school has different policies concerning the length of time that you can adjust your schedule at the beginning of a semester. It is important to know what time window your school allows so you’re not stuck in a class you can’t stand instead of a different class that would have been perfect for you.

IMG_1953 (1)IMG_1952

4. A good mattress pad is non-negotiable! The Twin XL size plastic mattresses that come standard in most dorm rooms are not known for being very comfortable or luxurious.  Although they can sometimes be pretty pricey, investing in a quality mattress pad is well worth the additional expense. With all the things a college student is balancing, getting a good night’s rest can be truly priceless. It can be challenging to transition from living at home to living at school, but one area of your life where you should not have to make an adjustment, is in the quality of your sleep. Take it from me, after tossing and turning for a few nights on a standard Twin XL, you too will see the value in a mattress pad.


5. There is a photo-op around every corner! Your first few days and weeks of college are perfect opportunities to make some lasting memories. It will seem like everywhere you turn someone is ready to take a picture! Whether it’s move-in day, or heading to your first college party, Photofy is here to help you record those memories. Below is a pic from one of the first college parties I ever went to edited with Photofy!


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