2014 Wedding Trends


Wedding season is ramping up, and each year there are numerous blogs with lists on this year’s latest wedding trends. After scouring the best of the best wedding trends, we’ve compiled our own list. Here are our top 10 trends for 2014!

  1. Metallic accents. Using gold, or shiny silver, the return to big romance has begun, no doubt due to the remake of the Great Gatsby. Thankfully it’s replacing the trends of yesteryear, chevron, bold colors and that overdone rustic barn theme. These metallic colors will help blend and add some elegance to brighter and stronger colors, and they add some sparkle without being too over the top.metallic-reception-decor
  2. With this, comes lots of candles. The emphasis is now on light, which compliments the metallic, and as you’ll see next, natural, paler colors well.Elegant-Candle-Wedding-Centerpieces-600x400
  3. Pale colors. The increase in blush gowns, neutral backdrops and natural flowers has brought pale colors back in for 2014 brides. Natural-Purple-Gray-Green-Wedding-Colors-600x610
  4. In season cakes! THANK GOD the typical wedding cake flavor is passé, everyone was getting tired of eating it 3 or 4 summer weekends each year. Cake flavors are now driven by the season. Getting married in the spring? Pick a cake flavor with hints of lemon, orange or lime will help reinforce the beauty of the season. If the typical June wedding is in store for you, find a bold, but regular flavor, like key lime or lemon meringue-don’t be afraid to pack in the punch with a summer treat. In the fall, the favorite is the pumpkin spice cake of course, paired with a great favor like apple cider packets? Wedding heaven for fall guests. They’ll leave with a practical favor they can use, and they’ll eat a flavorful fall treat.wedding cake photos from Kelda 006
  5. Trading favors for pillow presents. If you’re having a destination wedding or you’ll have a lot of out-of-town guests, trade the favor for a pillow treat. It’s one less thing for them to take back to the hotel, and it’ll be a nice surprise waiting for them after a journey. Wouldn’t you love to arrive to milk and cookies, or have a selection of local wines and cheeses on the minibar after you’ve been stuck on a plane?guest present
  6. Hand-drawn illustrations. Recently couples have been inviting their guests to make a weekend of their trip, with events from Friday afternoon to Sunday send-off keeping everyone occupied. With this, we’ve seen a lot of hand drawn maps showing everyone where to be, but now that’s transferring into the invitation itself. Hand-drawn invitations add a huge personal touch that one doesn’t get, even from a letterpress invite. Plus, hand drawn can also be customized to every guest, which is a level of attention unheard of when you’re ordering 250 invites in grey with the blush accent…These might get pricy, but stationary will be something they look at everyday on their fridge leading up to their event. No harm in getting them even more excited each time they look at it, right? illustrated map round up 512 SB4

  7.  unpluggedAvoid the #Brown+Awedgei wedding theme, get rid of the photo app and forget the Vine contests. Let your guests enjoy themselves, and leave the photographer duties to the official photography studio you paid so much money for. Put someone in charge of collecting phones at the door and watching over them for the entire event. When you remove the urgency for everyone to post every moment to social media, people can sit and talk, dance and laugh. Don’t stress, the official photographers will get almost every moment. It’s their job.  How-to-have-an-unplugged-wedding-by-Julie-Anne-and-Foglio-Press-Atlanta-4(pp_w840_h431)unplugged weddingwe hired a photographer
  8. Signature drinks. This isn’t a new trend, but we think it’s still a great way to inspire guests and help them mingle. Mix it up and put some unusual ingredients in there. Make sure it has a catchy name, or name it after a beloved family member who wasn’t able to join you. champagne-popsicle-cocktails
  9. Short dress for reception. We all have trouble just picking one dress. So, chop a few hundred off of your dress budget for and save that for a separate dress for the reception. It’s shorter, lighter, not as hot, and easier to dance in. Plus you can show off your shoes. No negatives here. short rehersal dress
  10. Hats. Yes, let’s bring hats back. And this won’t be your grandmother’s ensemble, unless you are actually wearing your grandmother’s ensemble. Whether they’re long and dramatic, or short and lacy, gloves reinforce that air of sophistication.