Celebrate Spring with Photofy

Spring is here! Say goodbye to the piles and piles of snow we received this year – warm weather is on the way, (well, we hope)!! It’s time to break out the rain boots, dust off your grill, dig the bikes out from the shed and plan day trips with the kids to parks, nature preserves and the local zoo. What do you have planned for the upcoming spring season?

Spring photo enhancements

In North Carolina, we sometimes joke that we only have two seasons: winter and summer. That’s because it’s so hot here in our summer, and so cold (to us southerners) during the winter. We only have a few short weeks of spring and fall, thus we have to take advantage of the few weeks of 70 degree weather we have, before the thermometer reads 90 degrees.

If you’re looking for fun things to do this spring with the kids, you’ve come to the right place!

Create Your Own Colored Flowers
Help the kids do a totally easy and magical project, where they can change the color of flowers simply by adding food coloring or dye to water! Take the kids on a gorgeous spring walk or go on a trip to the farmers market, searching for white or very light colored flowers. Place the flowers inside glass containers filled with colorful food coloring and water, and watch as the day(s) go by…they’ll magically change colors! Remember that you don’t have to use classic food coloring colors. Try neon colors, or combine colors to create your own!

Spring Photo Enhancements

Pine Cone Bird Feeders
If you’re a friend to the birds, this is a great way to bring them to your front or back yard! Have the kids go on a nature hike in a pine tree heavy area, collecting pine cones. When you get back, tie a red yarn to the core of the pine cone and begin spreading with peanut butter. Then roll the pine cone in bird seed and hang! Note: This is a great project to do outside! The bird seed can get a bit messy, and you don’t want to bring any critters inside that may be living inside your pine cones! (I learned from experience).

Create Your Own Photo Stickers

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint
You can make your own sidewalk chalk paint with three simple ingredients: 1/4 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup water and food coloring! The folks at Racks and Mooby blog came up with this fabulous idea! Create your different paint colors in muffin tins to avoid spills, and allow multiple artists to work at one time. You’ll be amazed how cool your child’s chalk art can be when they have paint chalk rather than solid chalk!

DIY sidewalk chalk paint

Fun with Food
Perfect for a rainy day, and to surprise your little one, prepare lunch or snack as an “eat it after you  make it” art project. Ask your child to tell you their favorite animal, insect or flower and then give them finger foods to create it! We love this butterfly snack from Creative Kids Snacks.

Fun Food Stickers

Remember to take a bunch of pictures to capture all of your spring fun moments! We’ve got a whole category dedicated to seasons, including beautiful photo enhancements for spring! Inspire others with your week day or weekend fun and show how you make the most out of this beautiful weather!