Apology Photo Designs

Why is it so hard to say, “I’m sorry“? Sometimes those two little words can be what damages are most precious relationships, and often it’s those two words that we refuse to say, when we know that’s desperately what we want to hear. Saying those two words could mean the difference between a small quarrel with a close friend, and a detrimental fork in the road that ends a friendship or relationship.

Apology Photo Enhancements

We’ve all been there – you get into an argument with a loved one or friend, and somehow end up spouting things from your mouth that you’d never dare say. Foot-in-mouth disease, as I like to call it, whether it was a true statement or not. If you’re looking to salvage a relationship, sometimes you’ve just got to “man up” and say it…I’m sorry.

Fortunately, if spoken words aren’t your strong suit, we’ve got the perfect design category on our app to help you patch things up with your friend or loved one. And if it doesn’t help you end your fight, it will at least help you spark the conversation to get things started.

Im a Jerk Photo Enhancement

Begin by uploading a photo of yourself, or a picture with you and your significant other. After you have cropped your photo, click on the designs category and click on “APOLOGY“. You’ll instantly see an array of apology themed typography to help you express what you’re not quite ready to say. Choose from “I’m so so sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “I’m a jerk & I’m sorry”, “It hurts – I am truly sorry” and more. Remember that on the next screen you can resize, rotate and re-color your design to coordinate with your photo. Send the photo via email, text or even over Facebook or Instagram if you need to make a public gesture.

Apology Photo Designs

Apology still not accepted? We’ve got an idea for you…

Outside of music, photos are among one of the top things you can encounter that can take your mind to an entirely different place. Think about the last time you browsed through an old photo album or photos from your first few years on Facebook. They instantly remind you of the good times you had, giving you that loving nostalgic feeling. Well, you can do the same thing with your apology! Try creating a collage, or plug his/her photo feed with pictures of the good times you had, or fun memories you shared together. You’d be surprised how quickly the love and friendship comes pouring back when you look back on the good times you’ve shared.

Not sorry at all? Don’t worry, we’ve also got the classic “Sorry, I’m not sorry” stickers for you to choose from, too.  You know, in case you want to flip the bird and let the world know, “Apology NOT accepted”.

im not sorry stickers