The End of Professional Photography & The Birth of Self Expression

photo enhancingNever before have there been so many photos taken during a time when photography is dying.  It’s such a contradictory statement, yet it speaks utter truth. In today’s society, self-expression is so much more than words on a paper or the outfit you wear in the morning. It’s about social connection, and inviting others to experience your life through photo expressions, as if they were with you.

With the rising technology trends, our digital and even professional cameras are being left to collect dust, as we quickly grab for our cell phones to snap a quick photo to capture a moment. Perhaps its the need-it-now society we are all living in, or the world of apps at our fingertips. (Photofy included) that allow us to snap, upload, enhance and share within minutes-seconds even!

But is it such a bad thing to put down the professional camera and snap a photo with your phone?  It has been said that some researchers believe that taking photos creates more un-memorable events than memorable ones.  They say that taking photos doesn’t allow you to live the moment…it simply gives you the outside view from your camera (or cell phone) lens.

I have to honestly say I disagree…and not wholeheartedly, as I do feel that cell phone photography can become obsessive and excessive.  But the truth is, there are so many amazing moments in life that you want to remember, capture and be able to relive, as you look back on good times and share them with others. I might not have thousands of dollars in my budget to take amazing professional photos, nor may I be able to afford a family photo shoot once a year. My cell phone gives me the opportunity to capture moments quickly and easily with the touch of a button, and without a 30 pound camera bag in tow.  My photo enhancing app gives me the creative edge to change my photo filters, enhance my photos and make them look like they were taken by a professional photographer. And lastly, it makes me feel like I have a knack for catching the beautiful aspects of life on film.  Who could deny you that?

Spoiler Alert: In an effort to combine the amazing creativity of professional photographers, and the inner creativity of our Photofy users, our version 2.0, (which releases later this month), will feature photographs from professional photographers, which you can use as you express your beliefs, special quotes and special moments.  Use one of your own photos or choose a masterpiece of a professional who captured the beauty for you.

We think finding a happy medium is what it’s all about – Always Express Yourself!