Snowy Days in North Carolina

Happy snow day(s), everyone!  It seems like talk everywhere is revolving around the “snowpocolypse” we seem to be stuck in.  Here in North Carolina, we just had our first “big”, and probably only, snow storm of the year.  For us, six inches can seem like an abundant amount of snow…but for folks out in the northern United States, I’m sure you’re getting a chuckle out of our kids not going to school for four days after such a small amount.

Hopefully you’re enjoying your snowy days inside, cozy by the fire with a book, mug of hot chocolate and a stack of board games.  I know one thing I always loved about snow days as a kid was going outside and playing in the white fluffy stuff!  My niece got her first taste of the snow this year, which I captured below with one of our “My First Snow” photo enhancement stickers...too cute!

Snow Day Photo Enhancement

If your kids are out playing in the snow, it’s the perfect photo opp to capture the beauty of the white wintery weather.  We’ve got brand new winter photo stickers to help you enhance each moment…whether it’s a snowball fight, the kids building a snow fort, a family sledding trip down the big hill or building a friendly snowman.

Snow Day Photo Enhancement

Don’t forget that you can manipulate our photo enhancements to work for your photo, (and not the other way around).  Each photo sticker can be enhanced with an alternate color, (I changed this one from white to light blue), and resized and relocated so that you don’t cover any vital parts of your photo.  You can even adjust the brightness of your photo stickers.

If you’re running out of things to do while being cooped up in the house during these snowy days, I thought I’d share a recipe with you…one that every North Carolinian seems to know, even though we hardly get any snow.  It’s called Snow Cream!  Yes, very similar to ice cream, except you make it from your very own snow in the back yard, (clean snow only, please)!!

Snow Cream Recipe

Snow Cream

1 gallon of clean snow (do NOT use snow from the first snowfall of the season
1 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups milk

Stir snow, sugar and extract in a very large bowl.  Gradually add in milk, being very careful not to over-use.  You will likely have some milk left over.

It’s truly that simple!  Go for a little variety and use chocolate milk instead of white milk, or stir in some fun ingredients like chocolate chips, mint or fruit.  You can make it as thick or thin as you want, (and it’s also great for milkshakes)!

If you can’t beat the snow…you might as well have fun with it!