Honor Martin Luther King Jr. Today

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone!  You may be at work today, or perhaps you’re enjoying a long 3 day weekend at home with friends or family.  While you’re out and about today, we encourage you to take a moment to remember the activist who dedicated and tragically lost his life protesting against racial discrimination.  It was Martin Luther King Jr. that believed in living in a nation that was free for all, regardless of your color.  Living in the land of the free, it seems difficult to imagine a time when segregation was prevalent, however the reality is that without Martin Luther King Jr.’s efforts, we would not be where we are today.

We have come so far since the 1960’s, however keeping our freedom is something we must work toward each day.  As the King’s quote states above, you have to make it a goal to always keep moving forward.  The moment we stop or take a step backward, is the day we have failed at being a free nation.

When reading the Chicago Tribune this morning, I learned about “No Shots Fired Day”, which is urged to be celebrated today, January 20, 2014.  It is a day where the people of America are urged to abstain from violence…not just including physical guns, but all forms of violence.  The movement encourages you to abstain from violence in the media, music, movies, tv shows, physical violence, and even your speech.  Speak only words of love, friendship and encouragement today.   You can visit the King Center to learn more about this amazing movement.  What will you do today to #choosenonviolence ?


We’ll close the blog out today encouraging you to follow your dreams, just as Martin Luther King Jr. did.  Whether big dreams or small, all dreams are important and a vital part of your future.  Keep working toward your dreams each day, and one day…they may just come true.

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