Have an Adventure in 2014

One of my favorite things to do is travel.  To be quite honest, I could travel once a month and never get tired of it!  I love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, tasting new cuisines…and best of all, experiencing breathtaking new scenery!  As you begin the new year, you’ll probably be thinking about where you’d like to visit, vacation or day-trip to during 2014, and I’ve found the perfect destination(s) for you!


The Huffington Post re-posted an article in mid-December from the Lonely Planet, titled, 10 U.S. Destinations You Should Visit in 2014.  It’s the perfect little tool to help you plan your next getaway.  What I like most about the article is that it features places that might be in your backyard, or a small drive or plane trip away.  Sometimes when we think travel we make the mistake of thinking we’ll need a huge budget or a trip overseas.  The truth is, there’s plenty of amazing places to discover in our very own country – and there’s nothing better than that!

Interested in which cities and locations made the cut for the top 10?  Check them out below, and click here to view the entire article…

1.  Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast
2.  Yosemite National Park
3.  Boston, Massachusetts
4.  Central Coast, California
5.  The Jersey Shore
6.  Kansas City, Missouri
7.  Cumberland Island, Georgia
8.  Vegas, Baby!
9.  Sun Valley, Idaho
10.  Lana’i, Hawaii

When you’re out visiting the beautiful wonders of the United States, you’ll likely capture some beautiful photos that you’ll want to share with family and friends – after-all, what good are your pictures if you can’t show them off a little?  Our scenic photo enhancing stickers will not only help you capture the beauty of your expedition, but they’ll also let others “in” on the experience you had when you lived in the moment.  Some of our favorite scenic photo stickers feature bible verses, seasonal phrases, inspirational quotes and thematic words.

Take a look at some of our favorites below and get inspired!  Where will your feet land in 2014?

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