Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Holiday Family Photo

It’s the greatest time of year!  Drive around and you’re bound to see cars with a Christmas tree in tow.  Stop by your local department store and you’ll be bombarded with holiday displays and Christmas music.  Check your mailbox and instead of the typical bills, you’ve got Christmas cards to open!  Oh yes, the holidays are among us!

One part of the holiday that almost all of us take part in each year is that epic [insert family name here] holiday photo.  You’ll send it out with your Christmas cards, make it the background on your facebook wall and add it to your photo album as a keepsake.  It’s a tradition your family has had for years, and you love showing off how much the kids have grown over the past 12 months.

Most of the time, you’ll go to a photographer to get the perfect shot, however this year, you’ve decided that you’ve got what it takes to capture the family photo, and it will be even better for your budget right before Christmas.  It can’t be that hard, right??  As most of us know, getting the perfect holiday shot is always a struggle.  Tempers flare, the baby isn’t happy, your older children don’t like the sweater they’re wearing or who they’re standing next to, the dog walks into the photo randomly at the last second.  Sometimes taking the family holiday photo takes more effort than you plan for…

tips for taking holiday family photos

At Photofy, photos are our passion, and we’re dedicated to helping you snap the perfect family photo this year!  Here’s a few tips & tricks from the pro’s, to help you get the family photo-ready:

-Choose coordinating colors.  You don’t all have to wear the same outfit, however everyone wearing jeans or clothing with a similar accent color will help tie everything together.  Remember to let everyone’s individuality shine through.

-Eat before you do your photo shoot.  Hungry kids equals unhappy and impatient kids.  Before you take your photo, serve a light lunch or munchies – your bellies will thank you.

-Get close.  When taking your family photo, the closer you get to one another, the better.  The best family photos are those that are taken up close with the main focus being your smiling faces.

-Give an incentive.  If the kiddos aren’t too thrilled about doing the family photo this year, give them an incentive to take a quick, great photo.  Plan a family craft for after the photo shoot, give the kids a new ornament for the tree, or make contest for who takes the best photo.

-Get creative & have fun.  If your photo shoot is getting a bit long and boring, go for something totally different and fun.  Try a motion shot, take a funny shot, let the camera auto-snap for a minute or two.  Sometimes the best photos are candids and completely unplanned.

All in all, the most important part of your photo experience is showing how much you love each other.  Take a photo at home, in your favorite park, out sledding after a snow storm or by your Christmas tree – whatever it is, let it be you!