Let Photofy Enhance Your Business

About ten years ago, the extent of your company’s marketing and advertising was likely through magazine & newspaper ads, paid commercials and flyers.  You might hold an open house to increase local business and spread news of your organization by word of mouth.

Today the advertising world has greatly evolved, and social media has become one of our most vital forms of marketing.  It’s the ability to engage with your customers, rather than taking at them; the chance to learn from your marketing successes and failures from A/B testing; and the ability to reach your customers immediately for promotions, product issues and contests.  My how things have changed!

One of the best things about the Photofy app is that it’s not only made for everyday users looking to enhance their weekend photos, it’s also an amazingly useful tool for businesses and websites for creating ads, marketing material and last minute social interactions.  If you want to do a facebook post showing your latest product, or a weekend business charity event, you no longer have to invest in buying fancy programs like Photoshop or InDesign in order to create an enhanced photo that captures the attention of your audience.  Photofy combines the most popular tools from these programs with a user-friendly interface, which allows you to create your own photo in minutes.  Say goodbye to those hour-long Photoshop sessions and hello to photo bliss with a few clicks on your app.  Photofy will increase your marketing team’s efficiency, and allow you to have professional looking social interactions with little effort or time.

Need an example?  A bake shop in Raleigh, North Carolina has begun a promotion for  cupcake of the week.  In an effort to raise awareness and spread the sugary word, they posted an enhanced Photofy photo of their Guinness cupcakes with salted caramel frosting on their facebook wall, along with a few details about their promotion.  As word started to spread over social media outlets, customers who saw the delicious cupcake photos made an extra stop to try out the new flavor of the week.  In the weeks since, customers continually look forward to their weekly cupcake photo update.

corporate photo enhancement

Within just a few short minutes, you can take your business photos and enhance them to meet your business needs.  Search for the photo sticker that best compliments your photo and business, and you’ll be on your way to the easiest photo ads you’ve ever created!