Tips and Tricks for Taking iPhone Photos

In today’s need-it-now, technology-crazed society, our smartphones have turned us all into professional photographers.  We have filtering, editing and enhancing capabilities at our fingertips, thanks to phone features and specialized apps, like Photofy.  Gone are the days of SD cards and digital cameras…quite honestly, I don’t even know where my digital camera is!

Being that we all have the capability of taking and enhancing our own photos now, I feel like it is the perfect time to introduce some smartphone photo-taking tips, that you can use to enhance your current photo skills, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

Did you know that your iPhone offers gridlines to help you align your photo properly?  Simply go into your settings, and scroll down to your Photos & Camera section.  Under CAMERA, click the slider button next to Grid, which will then turn green, indicating it is on.  The next time you take a photo, you’ll notice your viewing pane has gridlines showing, which have divided your photo into nine equal parts.  The center of the gridlines marks the four places where the gridlines intersect.  The next time you take a photo, aim to put your focal point on one of these four intersections.  When looking at a photo, your eyes naturally look to these intersections, thus creating a more appealing photo for the viewer.

photo gridlines

Find the Sun
Too much fun can cause over-exposure, or it can cause the person whose photo you are taking to have an unpleasant sun-in-my-eyes face…and all the editing in the world won’t fix those issues.  Not enough light can cause your photo to appear to dark, or make it hard to see detail.  On a sunny day, be sure to have the sun at the person’s back, when taking a photo.  When there is not enough natural light, look for indirect artificial light.

Avoid Zooming
Unlike a digital camera, your smartphone will not auto-alter resolution when zooming in on far away objects.  If you are able, walk or move your phone closer to the object you are capturing, rather than using the zoom button.  Zoom will cause your photo to be unclear or fuzzy.

Follow Your Subject
When capturing a photo of a person or object in motion, you will want to be sure your focal point is at one end of the photo, showing where they will be headed next.  For example, if you have a photo of your daughter whizzing down the road in her roller blades, show the street ahead of her.  Your eyes naturally look past what is being pictured, which is perfect when taking a motion shot.

follow your subject

Use Two Hands
In order to get a clear shot, it is important to keep your phone close to your body, (for stability), while holding onto the phone steady with TWO hands.  This will make sure your photo doesn’t come out blurry, and give you more control with what you do and don’t want include in your photograph.

Take Multiple Shots
As any parent clearly knows, taking the perfect shot is never done in just one click!  Some apps out there will let you have a multiplied shutter speed, where one click on your phone takes five photos, (this is perfect for motion shots, or pictures of ever-moving children).  The more shots you take, the better the chance you have at getting that perfect shot…and you can always delete later!

Clean the Lens
It’s something you likely did to your camera one hundred times…but let’s be honest: Have you ever cleaned the photo lens on your iPhone?  You’d be amazed how much oil, dirt and residue our phones pick up on a daily basis, not to mention fingerprints!  The next time you’re going for an iPhone photo shoot, take a moment to clean the lense – you’ll instantly notice the difference!

Photo Tips

We hope you found these tips helpful!  Be sure to share with us your photos using the above techniques, or share with our readers how you take the perfect smartphone photo!