Creating the Perfect Facebook Post with Photofy

Have you found that your Facebook ads aren’t getting enough views or interaction? Well we’re here on the blog today to tell you how to create the perfect Facebook ad with Photofy.

  1. Use the Photofy Web App Beta by logging into your web portal at and then selecting the Designer Beta icon, located in the top right.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 11.32.25

  1. Our Web Portal gives you the ability to create an ad that follows Facebook’s guidelines. Your image can not have more than 20% text on it, so we can tell you if your image is okay without having to wait on Facebook to approve it. Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.16.11 AM
  2. Once you have your image ready to go, think about these questions:
    • Who am I trying to reach with this ad?
    • What type of budget do I have to boost this ad?
    • What target location do I want to reach?Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.52.14 AM
    • This is what the screen will look like once you have your image ready to post and boost the post.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.52.22 AM
    • From the screenshot above, you can pick the exact audience you want to see your ad.
  3. After you have all these questions answered, you are ready to create and boost your Facebook ad. Boosting your ad gives you the ability to choose a target location, target audience, and how long you want it to run. Even if you don’t have a large budget, you can still reach a wide audience. As you can see from the post below, we reached over 3,300 people with only a $10.00 budget.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.25.44 AM

As you can see, creating a Facebook ad the right way can be very easy and quick following the steps above. Using Photofy and knowing who/where you’re trying to reach, will make you a pro at creating Facebook ads!

How Photofy Got Started


Ever wonder how Photofy got started? Well we are here on the blog today to tell you how Photofy came about!

 Jon LaNasa and Jesse Flores started Photofy in 2013 with a vision of a world where anyone with a smartphone can be a digital artist. They wanted to make it easier for people who aren’t creative to create.

Jon and Jesse met while working at CafePress, a California-based online retailer that makes customizable merchandise. Since 2013, Photofy has gone through many different interfaces.

The past year of 2015 has been focused on creating the most user friendly interface and Photofy Pro. Photofy Pro is our service for small to medium businesses to help streamline their content creation process for Social Networks.

Currently, Photofy has been doing a lot of local outreach in the Raleigh area and has found great success. We’ve helped the Carolina Hurricanes, Lucette Grace, The Jimmy V Foundation, and many more.

Photofy is now located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh at 107 Fayetteville St. Please feel free to come by our office, we love meeting new people!

Tips for Designing with Type on a Photo

Have you ever seen photos with text that stand out and look amazing? Well this week on the blog, we’re here to give you some tips when adding your own text to a photo!


  1. Add Contrast- Text has to be readable to be successful. Make sure that the text varies in color with the background so it can be seen. Also contrast can be meant for text size as well. Keep your text a certain size depending on what is in the photo.
  2. Blur Your Image- One of the simplest things to make your text stand out, is blurring your image. This can also create focus for the overall concept of your photo.
  3. Put Text in a Box- When a photo has lots of differences with color or changes in light, putting a text in a frame can make it stand out. Make sure to choose a color that provides enough contrast for the lettering to show.
  4. Add Text to the Background- Instead of adding text to the foreground where everything is going on, add text in the background.
  5. GO BIG- When you’re not sure what to do with text for an image, try making it big. The size of the text will easily grab someone’s attention.
  6. Go simple- When working with images, use simple typography and a straightforward image for the best effect. People will know the exact message you’re trying to convey.

With Photofy, we have a lot of fonts you can choose from to help personalize your photos. Follow these tips above and you should have great looking photos!

Business Spotlight- Cornerstone Properties

Our second business in the spotlight this month is Cornerstone Properties. With this business, we’ll be able to focus on the real estate industry. The real estate business has recently gotten new guidelines on ads they post. They are now required to include their firm’s name and contact info on all of the ads. It is no longer enough to put the name of the firm in the comments or description of the image. With this new change, Photofy Pro was able to help Cornerstone Properties have their logo on every image and brand the business on Social Networks.

Cornerstone Properties is a family owned and operated Real Estate Firm with over 30 years of experience; specializing in homes located “inside the beltline” in Raleigh, NC. Their real estate firm is a father-son duo that have had already $182 million dollars in sales.

When first setting out to starting their Social Media, they thought it was important to have some branded images to make their logo and branding more well known. They’re a small real estate firm, so they didn’t have a huge marketing budget. Since most of their business is word of mouth referrals they didn’t have to spend much on marketing. But with more millennials hitting the market place, it was imperative for them to reach new potential clients and make their brand better known to the average person living, buying, or selling in Raleigh.

With the new Real Estate branding guidelines and trying to reach millennials on a limited marketing budget, Cornerstone Properties signed up for Photofy Pro. Ever since they signed up for Pro, Photofy has become a necessity for their business. Pro has helped each advertisement have their firm’s name to make sure the guidelines are being followed while having a professional look. Pro has also saved them time in creating their ads for Social Media. All in all, they’re using Photofy Pro to help with brand awareness and to help maintain a professional looking presence on social media.


Tips for Taking Photos in the Winter Time


Winter time is here and that means pictures of snow and good times in the cold. We’re here this week to give you some tips on how to take photos in the winter with your cell phone.

  1. Show how cold it is- good photos always give the viewer the feeling experience you went through.
  2. Capture long shadows- in the winter, the sun usually stays low throughout the day giving the opportunity to show the long shadows and give a dynamic look to your photos.
  3. Give scale to mountain photos- sometimes we underestimate the size of mountains in photos so be sure to include an object or person to create that perspective.
  4. Use reflective surfaces-some surfaces like ice, reflect most of the light that reaches its surface to get a great photo. Try using frozen rivers or places covered in snow to get a good shot.
  5. Get closer to the ground- getting closer to the ground shows a different perspective and show the texture if there is ice or snow.
  6. Go black and white- since most days in winter are gray and cloudy, try changing your photos to black and white to make the scenery of winter stand out.

We hope these tips help you in taking photos during this winter season. Tag your photos with #photofy so we can see what images you capture!

Tips from

Business Spotlight-Piola

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This week on the blog we’re starting a new series highlighting business’ using Photofy Pro to help brand themselves and create brand awareness. Today we’re focusing on the pizza/restaurant industry. Having Pro would allow you to brand your restaurant but also showcase your specials and weekly deals with designs catered towards the restaurant’s industry, as you can see from the examples above.

One business that has done a superb job using Photofy Pro in the pizzeria industry is Piola,  located in Raleigh. Piola was founded in 1986 in the very heart of Italy by two brothers who reinvented the most quintessential Italian establishment, the Pizzeria, serving authentic yet simple Italian food in a dynamic and contemporary ambiance. Piola, meaning “Meeting Place” in the ancient Italian language, has become a widespread reality as their pizzas are now being enjoyed in many cities around the world.

Cameron Barber-Jones is Piola’s General Manager and is also in charge of the restaurant’s Marketing/Social Media. He does a great job posting to each of their Social Networks using Photofy Pro to create brand recognition for Piola. Photofy Pro helps keep his brand messaging consistent across all Social Networks while also streamlining the process to make it less time consuming. One of his favorite features of Pro was being able to have their logo on every image with daily specials they have at the restaurant. With their logo, he also incorporates designs from our pizzeria industry package. An industry package consists of designs catered towards a specific industry. Therefore with the pizzeria package, he can use their logo and designs together to create a professional branded image.

To find out how you can launch your business on Social Networks, check out or if you have a larger business,

Tips to Practice when Sending Out Christmas Cards

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It’s that time of year when we send out a mass amount of Christmas Cards to friends and family to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. But sometimes, sending out Christmas Cards can be very stressful. Here are some helpful tips when you’re sending them out this year:

  1. Send your cards out as early as possible. The more you wait, the more you take a risk of the cards getting there before Christmas.
  2. Send “Seasons Greetings” when in doubt. If you are not sure if someone celebrates Christmas, go with a more generic saying like “Happy Holidays.”
  3. Make sure to include your return address so people know exactly who it’s from and can easily send you one in return.
  4. Include a handwritten note on the back. Make it a little more personal by writing something small on the back of the photo. People will appreciate you taking the time to write them something special.
  5. If you’re sending a card to a coworker, send it to the office unless you interact with them socially outside of work.

If you follow these tips, we think your Christmas Cards will be a hit this year!