Photofy and College Football

It’s finally that time of year again – time for college football!


Photofy is here to help make your college football game day special. Regardless of whether you’re watching the game from the comfort of your couch, or you scored tickets to watch the game at the stadium, use Photofy’s collegiate content to snazz up your photos!

We are proud to announce that we now offer collegiate designs and stickers from the Alabama Crimson Tide, Appalachian State Mountaineers, Clemson Tigers, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Miami (Ohio) Red Hawks, Miami Hurricanes, Michigan Wolverines, Mississippi State Bulldogs, North Carolina Tarheels, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Penn State Nittany Lions, South Carolina Gamecocks, Tennessee Volunteers, Texas A&M Aggies, Texas Longhorns, UNC Wilmington Seahawks, Virginia Cavaliers, and the Virginia Tech Hokies!


To locate these designs simply visit the Photofy Marketplace and click on the “Collegiate Stickers” tab. If you need some inspiration, check out these pictures from the Ohio State Buckeyes versus the Navy Midshipmen game, edited solely wiith Photofy:

IMG_2922 IMG_2921IMG_2928IMG_2927

Happy football season! Please remember to share your football experiences with us on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @photofyapp and using #photofy #photofyapp . We can’t wait to see your pics every game day!

Photofy in LA

One of the beautiful things about Photofy is that we can accompany you on all of life’s precious moments. So when our college intern Lisa told us about her upcoming trip to Los Angeles, we asked her to bring the magic of Photofy with her.

Lisa is not only our intern, but also an entrepreneur herself. She and her business partner Natalia co-founded a fashion company called Artwear Designs that provides art-based apparel while supporting undiscovered artists. The company serves as a publicity platform and a means of financial compensation for the artists who are featured on their designs. Each artist receives 20% of the profit and a prominent feature on their website (

Recently Artwear Designs was invited to sponsor the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, a momentous occasion for these two young entrepreneurs. Lisa knew there was no better way to record their once-in-a-lifetime experience in LA than with Photofy. Here are some of the moments she captured with Photofy:


As you can see, Lisa had an amazing time taking photos, and introducing her brand to celebrities, but taking those photos was only half the fun! Photofy helped take her ordinary photos and transform them into custom representations of her trip to LA.

Remember, we want to see what moments in your life Photofy helps you commemorate. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging @photofyapp and using #photofyapp and #photofy .

First Days of College

Well you finally made it! No more admissions essays to write, no more application fees, campus tours or SAT’s! You’ve made it to your first day of college, the day you and your parents have been saving money for and dreaming about since before your birth, is finally here.

Despite a lifetime of mental preparation, you will soon discover that there are some things you could not have anticipated or been prepared for. That’s what we’re here for. Take it from our college intern, and consider the following:

1. You will get lost! Regardless of how big or small your school is, you will get lost; it’s inevitable. Whether you walk into the wrong classroom, or take a wrong turn that makes you 20 minutes late for class, remember that you’re not the only one making these rookie mistakes! Don’t be afraid to ask an upperclassman for directions, they figured out how to navigate through their first weeks of college, and you will too! Luckily there will be plenty of other first-year and transfer students clutching campus maps, so you can join forces to make your first days as smooth as possible.


2. The cafeteria will be crowded! Everyone knows not to come between a college student and their food. Between classes, studying, part-time jobs, late nights, intra-murals, and extra-curricular activities, fueling your body is essential. The only problem is that there will be more competition for food than you’re used to. If you want to find a table easily in the cafeteria I would suggest going to meals at somewhat “off” times. I advise going to lunch at 11am or 1pm, and dinner at 4pm or close to 7pm. These time slots will allow you to avoid rush hour in the cafeteria and make meal times more enjoyable.

IMG_1948 (1)IMG_1949

3.You will probably end up adjusting your class schedule! One of the aspects of college that you might be the most excited for is finally being able to choose classes that cater to your interests. Even if you think you have registered for the most amazing classes in the world, sometimes after a few days or weeks your prior expectations for the class may not match reality. Some classes will prove to be too difficult, too easy, too time consuming, or too boring. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to take control of the situation by dropping the class or switching into a different course instead. Every school has different policies concerning the length of time that you can adjust your schedule at the beginning of a semester. It is important to know what time window your school allows so you’re not stuck in a class you can’t stand instead of a different class that would have been perfect for you.

IMG_1953 (1)IMG_1952

4. A good mattress pad is non-negotiable! The Twin XL size plastic mattresses that come standard in most dorm rooms are not known for being very comfortable or luxurious.  Although they can sometimes be pretty pricey, investing in a quality mattress pad is well worth the additional expense. With all the things a college student is balancing, getting a good night’s rest can be truly priceless. It can be challenging to transition from living at home to living at school, but one area of your life where you should not have to make an adjustment, is in the quality of your sleep. Take it from me, after tossing and turning for a few nights on a standard Twin XL, you too will see the value in a mattress pad.


5. There is a photo-op around every corner! Your first few days and weeks of college are perfect opportunities to make some lasting memories. It will seem like everywhere you turn someone is ready to take a picture! Whether it’s move-in day, or heading to your first college party, Photofy is here to help you record those memories. Below is a pic from one of the first college parties I ever went to edited with Photofy!


If you like the designs, stickers, text, and frames you’ve seen featured in this post, find them in the Photofy app, and remember, we want to see your photos! Tag @photofyapp on Twitter and Instagram and use #photofyapp #photofy . You might just see your photos featured in a shoutout on our Instagram account!

Favorite Photofy Photos of the Summer

As we enter the dog days of summer, we wanted to reflect on what an exciting and wonderful summer it has been.  Here at Photofy we’ve been thrilled to see the marvelous new images that you, our users, create every day.

This summer we celebrated birthdays with you, welcomed new babies, traveled on vacation, celebrated anniversaries, followed your fitness journeys, and of course, witnessed all of your selfies! We wanted to take a minute to acknowledge our fantastic and creative users and showcase some of our favorite Photofy photos of the summer.


IMG_1934 (1)IMG_1935 (1)

IMG_1930 (1)IMG_1931 (1)

IMG_1932 (1) IMG_1929 (1)

IMG_1925 (2) IMG_1928 (1)

IMG_1938 (1)IMG_1927 (1)

IMG_1937 (1)IMG_1936 (1)

IMG_1939 (1)

IMG_1940 (1)IMG_1941 (1)

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how to use Photofy. Photofy has something to offer to everyone for any occassion! See for yourself by downloading Photofy, and share your photos with us on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @photofyapp and using #photofyapp and #photofy.


Ways for Parents of College Students to Use Photofy

It’s almost that time of year again, the time of year when parents are sending their children off to college. Regardless of whether this is only your first child to fly the coop, or you now have a completely empty nest, there are many ways for you to commemorate this major milestone in your child’s life by using Photofy. Check out the ideas below for great suggestions on how to celebrate sending your child off to college. Keep in mind that the text, design elements, and stickers you see below can be re-sized, repositioned, and turned into different colors within the Photofy app.

1. College Acceptance Letters: This is the first stop on the journey to higher education, and getting these letters in the mail is always a very exciting time for any incoming college student. Capture those exhilarating and anticipation-fraught moments of envelope opening with Photofy. Snap pictures of college decision letters when they arrive, and of your child holding their acceptance letters proudly! Combine these photos using the collage feature and include some of the following designs and stickers in the Photofy app.


2. First Campus Tour: These are your child’s very first steps on the college campus that will help sculpt him or her into a young adult, and prepare them for their future careers. This is a very big moment indeed. Take pictures of you and your child in front of various buildings and monuments around campus, and use some Photofy content to jazz up your photos. Just think four years into the future…won’t it be something special for you to show your college grad their very first moments at their chosen university? The following are some of the graphic elements at your disposal, as well as a small sampling from the 90+ fonts Photofy equips you with.


3. Orientation: College orientation is your child’s first real “taste” of college, and is an immersive crash course on how the university operates. Usually there are activities for students and parents, seminars, and opportunities to get all your questions answered about campus life and academics. With all these opportunities come a lot of opportunities to take pictures! Before you upload these pictures online, be sure to check out the orientation-specific designs Photofy has to offer. Keep in mind that Photofy will be adding additional collegiate content to our repertoire at the end of August.


4. Move-In Day: This is it, the day you’ve probably been dreading, and the day your college-bound student has been counting down to. The car is packed with boxes of clothes, school supplies, the mini-fridge, twin-xl sheets, and all the creature comforts necessary to turn a dorm room into a real home. Don’t forget to mark the occasion by  snapping some pics in-between hauling boxes. A cool idea would be to take a picture of the room once your child is finished setting everything up and embellish the photo with some Photofy stickers that reflect how your child decorated the room. Photofy truly has a design or sticker for every occassion.


5. Parents Weekend: Don’t worry, after you’ve dropped off your college student on move-in day there are plenty of occasions to come back. One of the most popular times to visit is for Parents Weekend. You’ll have the opportunity to attend special events, see the progress your child has made on acclimating to their new surroundings, as well as take plenty of pictures. I’m sure you’ll be beaming with pride as your child confidently takes you around campus.

IMG_1880 IMG_1881

We hope this post gave you some good ideas on how to document this important time in your child’s life! Share your creations with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging @Photofyapp and using #photofyapp and #photofy .

Our Favorite Instagram Accounts using Photofy

In the age of social networking, Photofy helps you to stand out from the crowd! One of our favorite ways to do that is by helping you upgrade the content you post on your Instagram profile.

Instagram is shaping up to be one of the most powerful social networking sites of all time. In just a few short years it has amassed over 200 million users, and generated a total of 20 billion photos with an average of 60 million new photos being posted from the app every day.

Instagram is an online platform that has revolutionized multiple spheres, including personal expression, brand promotion, and e-commerce. That being said, Photofy is revolutionizing Instagram by enabling users to have more photo-editing features and capabilities than ever before.

We love our users, and love being able to serve them in this age of visual expression. We wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our favorite Instagram accounts that are currently using Photofy, as well as a few other accounts that make us laugh, say “wow”, or “aww”.

1. @funkygine

photo1 (14)

Jorgine Vasstrand Haagensen is a strong mother of two, who loves being active with her family. Her goal is to inspire and motivate others to be physically active, and her posts reflect that mission! Go check out @funkygine for fitness advice and encouragement.

2. @zeta_msu

photo1 (15)

We love the Gamma Zeta chapter of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at Mississippi State University because this group of women know how to use Photofy to its fullest potential! They help keep their sorority informed of the goings-on within the sisterhood and create a great sense of unity among their members with their posts. Go check out @zeta_msu for ideas on how to use Photofy’s collegiate and sorority specific content.

3. @sweetbykristy

photo1 (16)

Sweet by Kristy is a Boutique Cupcake and Confectionery located in Tipp City, OH. This account is a great example of a small business using Photofy to promote themselves. Go visit @sweetbykristy for pics of mouthwatering cupcakes and inspiration on how to advertise your own small business.

4. @miamiuniversity

photo1 (18)

Did you know that the Photofy marketplace offers university specific collegiate content? Miami University does, and it is using their Photofy collegiate package to the fullest. In addition to Miami University, we currently offer collegiate content for Virginia Tech, UNC Wilmington, Notre Dame, Mississippi State, Meredith College, and Appalachian State University. Be on the lookout for additional schools being added to Photofy’s repertoire at the end of August, and be sure to check out the great ways that Miami University uses their designs to advertise events, and promote school pride.

5. @shoptiques

photo1 (20)

Shoptiques is your one-stop online destination to shop the world’s best boutiques. They are a great example of an e-commerce retail site using Photofy to advertise themselves, and create content for their various social media outlets. Go check out them out for examples of how to build a strong brand presence and engage an online following.

Even though the following accounts don’t currently use Photofy, they still deserve recognition. Perhaps one day they will see the great things that Photofy can do.

1. @gopro

photo1 (21)

This is the official Instagram account of “the world’s most versatile camera”. The account showcases some of the most incredible photos ever captured with Gopro cameras. Perusing through their gallery will definitely make you feel ready to embark on an adventure.

2. @carlymanning10

photo1 (22)

Ever wonder what the life of a high school cheerleading champion is like? 4x World Champion Carly Manning’s profile helps answer that question. From what we can tell, it seems like she has a lot of fun, works hard, and chases her cheerleading dreams on a daily basis. You go girl!

3. @miserable_men

photo2 (7)

This hilarious account highlights an international phenomenon; men don’t like to get dragged shopping. The account is a collection of snapshots from bystanders around the world of men that look less than thrilled to be out and about. The account’s bio reads, “Men that went shopping. It’s a global epidemic”. Take a look for yourself, and get a good chuckle.

4. @buddyboowaggytails

photo1 (23)

This delightful account follows the lives of Buddy and Boo, two of the most popular pups on the planet. It’s very hard to deny the cuteness factor that this account has. These two dogs are so photogenic that they almost don’t even look real, and to top it all off, they love to wear outfits! Also, to all you pet-lovers out there, don’t forget that Photofy offers plenty of pet designs to jazz up any pet picture.

5. @laurasykora

photo1 (24)

Laura is a very talented yoga enthusiast and instructor. She posts motivational yoga photos and videos and encourages all skill levels to continue on their yoga journey. It’s truly amazing how talented she is!

We hope you enjoy these Instagram accounts as much as we do, and remember you can always share your photos with us on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @photofyapp and using #photofy #photofyapp

Collage Tutorial

Photofy is proud to announce the introduction of a collage feature to our service offering! Now you don’t have to look any further in order to create masterpieces that combine more than one photo. Photofy’s collage feature provides 23 different layouts that allow you to combine up to 12 pictures in a single composition, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

Photofy collage allows you to show or hide photo boxes, giving you the space to add elements that don’t cover your photo. Our collage feature also includes more advanced capabilities that grant you the opportunity to adjust border thickness and round the corners of the images that you are using.

The Photofy collage feature is simple and easy to use, and invites you to incorporate designs, text, frames, and stickers into your collage. You can even apply separate filters to each of the photos in the collage.

Many of the capabilities of the Photofy collage feature are completely unique to Photofy, and enable you to express yourself and create visual masterpieces like never before.

There are many uses for Photofy collage, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity. Check out the examples we have below for both inspiration and helpful instruction on how to use the Photofy collage feature to its greatest potential!

photo1 (6)     photo1 (10)

photo1 (9)   photo1 (11)

As you can see, there are many ways to use the Photofy collage feature. If you want to discover exactly how we created the first collage, follow along with the tutorial below.

1. First we selected the collage template we wanted to use from the 23 layouts that Photofy has to offer.

photo2 (3)      photo1 (8)

2. Once we selected our layout, we changed the white background to black by tapping “Edit Collage” and selecting the black color swatch to the left of the color wheel.

photo3 (3)

3. After changing our background to black, we deleted one of our photo windows to create a blank space in our collage. We did this by tapping the red minus sign in the upper right hand corner of the selected photo window. We then added photos by tapping on the photo windows and making selections from our photo album.

photo4 (3)      photo5

4. We added the graphic element by tapping on the “Designs” icon and searching for our desired graphic in the search bar at the top of the screen. We then rescaled the size of our graphic element by pinching it and dragging it into the blank space we created earlier.

photo6      photo5 (2)

5. Finally, we wanted to round the corners of the photos in our collage. In order to do this we tapped on one of the photos in our collage (high-lighted in yellow), and then tapped the “Edit Collage” icon in the lower left hand corner of the frame. We then rounded the corners of all our photos by dragging the circular “Rounded Corners” button to the right. To finalize the change to our corners we clicked on the green box at the bottom of the screen.

photo4 (5)      photo3 (5)

6. Satisfied with our final image we clicked on the yellow “Preview” button at the bottom of the screen, and then finally “Save & Share” in order to share our collage creation with the world.

photo2 (5)      photo1 (13)

We hope this tutorial was helpful, and remember, you can share your collage creations with us on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @Photofyapp and using the hashtags #photofy #photofyapp !